Teasses Estate offers excellent quality roe buck stalking with trophy heads available. The Roe Buck season stretches from April to October, with April-May and July-August being the most desirable months. Roe Doe stalking can also be organised between October and March. DMQ trained stalkers are available to accompany clients. Rifle hire is available on request. We can also offer camera stalking outings, as well as creating country pursuit packages inclusive of various activities on the Estate.

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Roe Deer Stalking


    • Buck: April to October
    • Doe: October to March
  • HIGHLIGHTS: Expert gamekeeping guidance, trophies available
  • OPTIONS: Morning and evening outings

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Some advice on stalking from BASC and The Field magazine

Waterproof clothing is a must, especially later in the year.

If stalking on the open hill or undertaking any other active hunting, the trick is to layer up suitably.

Camouflage can be very good at breaking up the human outline. Hats, gloves and face veils are also useful to help hide the colour of skin when in close proximity to deer.

Just as important as clothing, the footwear you chose should be suitably warm, waterproof and comfortable.

Binoculars with good light gathering.

A reliable rifle fitted with a good scope. If you have no rifle of your own, be sure to fire an estate rifle at a target before setting out.


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