Farming at Teasses is focused on sustainable , organic and sensitive principles to allow us to raise top quality livestock, crops and eggs. The careful management of arable land at Teasses enhances the natural diversity of wild flora and fauna on the Estate – as well as supporting the raising of healthy cattle and cereals. The Estate farm is also fundamental in the maintenance of hedgerows and cover crops which facilitate ground nesting birds and mammals.

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The farming enterprises at Teasses follow the same ethos of environmental stewardship as all of the other activities on the Estate. Production of livestock and crops is fully organic and we aim to make full use of the natural assets the Estate offers to rear top faulty livestock, crops and eggs. We also focus on creating the perfect environment for native fauna of this landscape to maintain our sustainability levels high.

Cattle at Teasses

Beef Cattle

At Teasses we raise a herd of Aberdeen Angus and Simmental cross cows which graze the extensive pasture lands on the Estate. This allows us to rear high quality organic beef. The herd has certified high health status and has been closed from many years to ensure it is maintained. All breeding replacements are reared from our own stock and only breeding bull are brought into the Estate. Our young stock are given time to mature in organic natural surroundings and are sold for beef at the age or twenty or twenty-four months.

Chickens in a field

Crops and Eggs

The main crop on the Estate is organic spring barley. This is used for feeding our cattle or sold to whole foods markets. The straw from the barley is used to bed our own cattle when they are kept inside during the colder winter months.

Teasses also has a flock of approximately 6,000 organic, free range hens. The hens have access to pasture and mixed woodland on a daily basis Our eggs are sold to multiple major retailers.

To know more about our farm and opportunities, please email Alan, our Estate Manager